The world's largest bio-fuelled power plant

Alholmens Kraft is the largest bio-fuelled power plant in the world. The power plant is located at the factory premises of UPM-Kymmene Ab in Alholmen, Jakobstad.

The power plant burns 800 cubic metres of fuel per hour at full effect, with 40-60% of the fuel being bio-fuel. The aim is to continuously increase the amount of bio-fuel used. The electricity effect of the power plant is 265 MWe, which can be compared to the effect needed to illuminate a road according to the public road authority's standard (250W lights at every 40 metres of the road) around the entire planet.

District heating

Apart from electricity Alholmens Kraft also produces district heating for the inhabitants of Jakobstad (60 MWdh) and process steam and heat for the UPM Kymmene plant in Jakobstad (100 MWth). The power plant is aiming to break even in the production of electricity, that is to exactly produce the amount of electricity ordered by its owners.

The world's largest CFB-boiler

The boiler used by the plant is the largest CFB-boiler (Circulating Fluidised-Bed Boiler) in the world and was supplied by Kvaerner Pulping. The hearth of the boiler measures 8.5 metres x 24 metres and is 40 metres high. The steam data are high (165 bar / 545°C) compared to the usual parameters for bio-fuel boilers and increase the effectiveness of the entire plant. The optimal combustion conditions in the CFB-process make low emission values possible, while electro-filters, lime insertion and ammonia injection with SNCR secures the plant against the release of particle matter, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. There are also re-heating, rotating air pre-heaters and steam-cooled cyclones to reach a high efficiency and availability.

Alholmens Kraft employs 400 people, 50 for running the plant and 350 for fuel production and handling. In addition to these, there are also two hundred persons who are indirectly employed by the plant.

Energy production

The power plant of Alholmens Kraft produce electricity, district heating and process steam. Read more here:

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