Alholmens Kraft and the Environment

Our company cares for a sustainable development. The new power plant AK2 is the largest biomass plant in the world.

Our goal is to make the bio-fuel at least 45 % of the total fuel usage. In 2012, the share of bio-fuels has been over 50%. In addition to tree-based bio-fuels we use peat as our other main fuel. Coal is used only in support and reserve fuel. Our old power plant AK1 is fueled exclusively with bio-fuels.

The ashes from the power plants, bottom and fly ashes, are excellent materials to replace natural materials, such as crushed stone, sand and moraine in soil building projects. In this way we can contribute to the development of ecologically optimal solutions and save on pristine rock and sand areas, save energy and reduce carbon emissions associated with soil construction.

AK's environmental management system is certified to ISO 14001, which is based on the basic principle of continuous improvement of processes. AK's peat production are also covered by the EMS.


ISO 14001 certificate (pdf) [36355 B]

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Environmental Policy (pdf) [137885 B]

Energy production

The power plant of Alholmens Kraft produce electricity, district heating and process steam. Read more here:

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